Alex Carroll
Industrial Designer
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Sella is a custom, mid-century inspired lounge chair handcrafted from a single 4'x8' sheet of cardboard.



The aim of this project is to accurately measure a client, asses their needs- physical and otherwise and subsequently design cardboard seating specifically for them that permits them to perform a desired task. Success will be measured not just in how well the seating device fits the client and it’s overall aesthetics but also in how it facilitates the specific task for which it is intended (as well as the designers craft/skill represented in 2D and 3D deliverables).


• To demonstrate an understanding of how the human body impacts form decisions
• To gain experience designing a product based on user driven objectives and criteria
• To understand how structural considerations and requirements impact product form and vise versa
• To gain experience in creative problem solving, visualizing and sketching proposed concepts, and physical fabrication of 3D solutions.


Meet my classmate, Bruno. 

Age: 23
Height: 5’7”
Weight: Rude to ask
Hobbies: Photography, reading, designing cool stuff

Design Criteria:

•    A seat he can lounge in
•    Wide and deep enough to sit with legs crossed
•    Comfortable for long-term sitting
•    Adhering to style cues of Mid-Century Modern era