Alex Carroll
Industrial Designer



After more communication with Bruno,

we agreed on a more comfortable, lounge chair instead of a bar stool. Two-dimensional sketches were quickly translated into small-scale, three-dimensional models. These models help me flush out the forms and bring more clarity to the ideation process. Because chipboard is so similar to cardboard, I was able to start thinking about construction methods as well. 


Bellow is the design we chose to move forward with. The chair has a low seat height and a steep lean to the back rest. This, combined with the wide seat and up-curved wings allow for a relaxed seating position with legs crossed if desired. It successfully met Bruno’s seating requirements while maintaining an aesthetic he felt matched his personal style. 


The first prototype was a quick and dirty full-size model of my three dimensional sketches. This phase of the process helped me gain an understanding of the support system and overall aesthetic. Progressing to a full-size, functional prototype helped me quickly assess weak points in the design as well as I collect feedback from Bruno. 


What works: form, seating height and angle ("very comfortable")

What needs refinement: undercarriage, joining methods, overall craftsmanship