Alex Carroll
Industrial Designer
bruno mood board.jpg




Consulting with my client, I gained a sense of Bruno's aesthetic and stylistic likes and dislikes. The seating device needed to fit in with his home decor- a hodgepodge of mid-century modern and "broke college student". He informed me he wanted a seating device that he could relax in- something he could lounge in to read a book. Or maybe a stool that he could sit at his counter with. With further encouragement, he gave me some focus words that he wanted his seating device to embody. Classic. Warm. Strong. I set off developing a mood board to insure that I had a grasp of my client's desires. 


With my client's approval, it was time to sketch.


Throughout the ideation process, I kept mood board in front on me to constantly take style cues and inspiration from. I tried to restrain my quick sketches into a mid-century modern style that could also serve his seating requirements. But overall, this process was about getting ideas on the table to take back and show my client.